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Environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004

Binh Duong Green Future has been cared to environment, social pressure and regular are being increasingly demanding environmentally responsible products, business, consumers and services. Investmentor have product more and friendlier with emvironment and services to be province has social affair. More and more important with company not only is conpany’s philosophy but investment stragetic and operation everyday accoding to suitable development.

A company has activitive in environment protection, Viet Xanh, but essent in the way development international by built advanced systems wares national standard property, ISO 14001 is standard to be certificate for Environement Management System (EMS). It is provided guideline for enviroment aspect operation more effective in activites and services of company, consider to environmentap protect, prevent solution and social demand. Purpose for application of Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 as well as building other system advanced.

Demonstrate Company is commited with environmental and suitable development will effect to successful of company and bring about benefit as:

- Improvement Company’s picture as well as relationship with customer administration and community local.
- Ensure comformity with environment requirements
- Diminish risks or environmental responsibility .
- Resources had used maximum effective.
- Diminish wates.
- Inprovement environment workshop quality, employees’ spirit and close – knit with company value.
- Building interested in environment for employee.
- Knowleadge effected to environmental of waste treatment activitice in company.
- Diminish profit and improve environment status by mean of business more effective.

Binh Duong Green Future nothing but to stope by built successful Environmental Management according to ISO 14001 that Company are building integrate systems ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007